Tips for Losing Weight in Your Thighs

For women, losing weight usually means getting rid of your thigh fat. Since most men store fat in the abdomen area they aren’t faced with this problem. It’s the classic pear vs apple body shape I guess. Being a woman I am faced with the same thing that most other women face and that is to lose weight in my thighs. I have found a few things that really help me target my thighs and I will share them with you here.

Realize That You Need Entire Weight Loss

The first thing you’ll need to realize is that you need to lose weight as a whole and not just a target area like your thighs. This is usually in the case of the diet you’re on. Make sure your diet is well balanced and the calorie count is working in your favor. There are many diets that you can go on but I’ve stuck with a calorie counting diet which works best for me.

Start to Tone Your Muscles

Like most people the reason I wanted to lose weight was to look better. And as I was working out I realized that when you tone muscles they look better but they weigh more. So even losing a few pounds was good but the look made it much better. If you’re targeting one specific area of your body and working that out you’ll likely experience the same thing with more weight. You may even gain weight if you’re strength training heavily.

Keep Your Workouts Going

Even when you get to a target weight or shape you’ll need to keep working out in order to keep your thighs in shape. Walking, jogging, or doing some other exercise may not be needed as much as before but you can really help keep them in shape by doing these exercises. You’ll also want to work out other areas of your body too so you don’t become too lean in some areas and other areas look like they have been abandoned.

I hope these tips give you a better idea of how to lose weight in your thighs and makes you realize just how difficult it can be. But with a good spirit and determination you can have the thighs that you dream of and then you can go to the beach and show them off to everyone. With no need to be scared of shorts or skirts.